10 Days Tour From Casablanca To Merzouga Desert

Tour Plan:

10 Days Tour From Casablanca To Merzouga Desert


A driver and a professional tourist guide will waiting for you at the Casablanca international airport Mohamed 5th. Rabat city is where you will be travelling to from Casablanca. The following step, you will be taken to visit one of the famous mosques in Africa and the world in genaral. Masjid ( mosque) Hassan 2 which holds the name of the  of the moroccan king  Hassan 2 ( 1929- 1999) who started ruling in 1969 until he died in 1999.  This mosque, which took 6 years to be built ( 1987_1993) is considered the largest mosque in Africa and the third in the world. It has the capacity to contain  25.000 worshippers covering 24,000 square. Beside being a place of praying, a culture centre with a library, museum and a Koranic school are parts of the giant building, too. It will be fascinating to see such work in which the amazing handicraft is clear. . The coastal Corniche is the place you will explore next. You will notice the beaches, cafes, swiming, and restaurants go in a consecutive way along with it.

Rabat city is where you will be travelling to from Casablanca. Hassan II tower is the place that will be visted next. Hassan tower is a 12th century still-standing monument. The intention was to build the largest minaret along with the mosque in the world but, unfortunately, it was left as an incomplete Masjid (mosque) when Yaqub Al Mansour died in 1199. He was the founder of Hassan tower. Oauday Kasbah which is was used as a military base will be also seen. Amorabits built it in the 12th century to defend their lands from Spain. It is one of the unique features in Morocco.  while you are in Oauday Kasbah, you can enjoy the charming scenic views of the Bou Regreg river, the Plage of Rabat, , and the Atlantic Ocean. You will stay at  the riad .by overnight. a comfortable bed and a nice breakfast will be guaranted.


Your trip will be resumed when you finsh having breakfast at the riad. In this day, you will be travelling to Meknes city. It is one of the four imperial cities in Morocco. It was one the capital of Morocco. Sultan Moulay Ismail who was ruling in the 17th century made it the capital city. While you are in Meknes, you will be able to visit the famous gate Bab Mansour. Through this door ( Bab Mansour), people can move into the Medina. The iconic Bab Mansour was built in 1732 . It is known for its marble columns and geometric ornamentation.  You will also visit Sahrij Swani, which was built in order to provide homes, army, mosques with water, and Mulay Ismail Mausoleum. Going to vist Volubilis will after having lunch in Meknes. Volubilis iis an interesting and ancient site ( It was once the capital of the kingdom of Mauretania before it became southernmost cities of the Roman Empire). Volubilis is the prominent ruins of the Roman in  Morocco. The fasciating mosaics give a unique decoration to the city. Visiting volubilis makes you go back centuries. The day will end at the hotel where you will have breakfast and dinner. the Holy City of Moulay Idriss, will be another place in your way to visit. Moulay Idriss Zerhoou, which is spread over two hills, remains a special place for Moroccan people. You may want to take some pictures when you visot this place. The day will end at a Riad,hotel where you will have breakfast and dinner, in Fes city.


When you finish having your breakfast at the Riad, you will be discovering the historical city- Fez . For over 350 years, Fes was the capital city of Morocco. It is famous of having interesting monuments like universtity Al Karouine. To the record, this universty is the first established university in the world according to Guiness record, UNESCO and many other scholars. The Zaouia of Moulay Idriss II  (where the Moilay Idriss II ‘s tomb exist),Nejjarine Fountains, and  Tanneries, (were built in 17th century and one of Fez’s facinating insights) will be also visited in your third day.  Contnuing to explore fez after having lunch, you will vist Royal Palace which can be seen as an astonishing example of modern restoration. We will go footing  to visit the famous Jewish quarter “the Mellah” where you will be able to visit one of the remained synagogues in this country. Next, the astonishing panoromic will be a great view to see. You can the enitire Medina ( city) of  Fez from there. This will be done after visiting the well known ceramic factory. Having a drink, in the afternoon, will be in the new Fez’s new city.

You will return to enjoy spending the night at the hotel.


The tour will be resumed in the next day. After having a moroccan breakfast, you will be driven to Merzouga. Then we will travel through Cèdre Gouraud Forest. It is woodland area in the Middle Atlas Mountain. It was named for the French general Henri Gouraud. Cèdre Gouraud Forest exists between Azrou and Ifrane. Having lunch will be at a local restaurant in Midelt. the luxuriant Ziz Valley is what you will be travelling through after your tour is resumed. In Ziz valley, you can  enjoy the wonderful gorges. You may would  love to take some photos of this valley. It is known of the palm groves, and the variety of crops.t is considered an Alaouite dynasty which still rules Morocco. The kingdom is represented in the king Mohamed the 6th. by the afternoon, you will be in Merzouga’s fascinating sand dunes having a nice Moroccan mint tea after a warm welcoming. When you are done enjoying your tea, you will check in Riad where you will spend the night.


Exploring Merzouga is what you will do in your fifth day after having breakfast at the riad. That includes going to see Gnawa people. Gnawa music is a well known style of music with a plentiful reportory of ancient African Islamic spiritual religious songs and rhythms. You will have the chance to observe their special music and lifestyle.  Travelling ro Souk Rissani will be the next direction. Rissani is a town in Errachidia Province in eastern Morocco, located near Erfoud (most of people still wear the traditional saharian dress. Women are veiled , and men are hooded). This down used to be a place for Cravans trading. You will take a break ro rest when you are returned to Merzouga. By a professional guide, you will ride the camel to discover Merzouga’s sand sea. The night will spent in a tent surounded by the beautiful Western Saharan sand


After the special night in Merzouga, . In the early morning, you will ride camels going back to Ouarzazate and enjoying the beautiful sun rise in the desert at the same time. In your way, you wouldnn’t miss enjoying the mysterious sand-sea of the Erg-Chebbi (the largest sand desert in Morocco). In Merzouga, you will have a nice breakfast and take a shower which will make you feel ready to experience more. After you finish doing that, you will visit Rissani, Tinghir, and Todra gorge. Todgha gorges are series of limestone river canyons. Most vistors enjoy hiking and passing by the nomad who come down to the gorge to get water. After lunch in the highest, narrowest gorges in Morocco ( Todgha gorges), you will travel through the Dades Valley.  The Dadès Gorge are series of rugged wadi gorges carved out by the Dadès River in Morocco. The river originates in the High Atlas range of the Atlas mountains. The majestic sand castles and monkey toes (a fascinating rock formation) in Ddaes valley are a point of attraction for tourists. In a beautiful guesthouse, which overlooks the dades valley, you will spend the night.


Kalaat Mgouna will be the next point when we finish breakfast. through the Dades Valley,we will reach Kalaat Mgouna which is known of the amazing sand Kasbahs (castles) of which you may want to take some beautiful pictures. Kalaat Mgouna takes its name from the nearby M’Goun mountain. While we are in Kalaat Mgouna (called also the rose city), you will be able buy the rosewater which its good smell lasts for many days after you splash a little over your body. In your way to Marrakech city, you will travel theough the Kasbah of Ben Haddou (one of the last Berber chieftains during the 18th built by Et Hami El Glaoui  ) . It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site composed of kasbahs (forts). It is one of the most important fortresses on the old Salt Road caravan route. You can explore the lanes where traders once brought their gold, ivory, salt, and slaves on the journey from Sub-Saharan Africa to Marrakech and beyond. Tizin’Tichka which is (2260) over the High Atlan Mountains. Tizin’Tichka is one if the famous mountains in Morocco. When you, finally, arrive at your destination ( Marrakech city), you will check in a Riad in the Medina by overnight (BB).


A local guide will be your company in Mrrakech. The plan will be making you able to see the beauty of the interesting monuments of Marrakech city. you will visit the saadian tombs whih return to the 17th century. School Ben Youssef, which remained for four centuries as a home for students whi had the will to learn different sciences such as theology, will be also visited. This school consisted of 132 rooms for non-Marrakesh students and could accommodate up to 900 students. The Koutobia mosque ( One of the largest mosques in Morocco) will be the next place. Both, the Kotoubia Mosque and School Ben Youssef, were built in the 12th century. After walking for a short while exploring the Medina valleys and looking up to the crafts of the skillful artisans, we will arrive at Jamaa El Fna square, you will have lunch at one of its restaurants. As a next destination, you will make short visit to Gueliz which still a new city. When you have dinner, you will be able to go Jamaa El Fna once again. During the the square is more dynamic than daylight. Jamaa El Fna is also a market in which you can find many interesting products and a variety of delecious meals. Local people and tourists share this place for entertainment. They can enjoy watching Gnoua dancers, listen to the story tellers, by pass by water sellers. When you finish exploring the night face of Jamaa El Fnaa, you will go back to the your accommodation.


Travelling to the coastal city of Essouira will your direction after having breakfast at the riad. You will need 3 hours and half to arrive there. Once you are there, tou will the tour’s exploring in Essaouira through its alleys. You will discover the Skala Fortress which was built by a French architect in 1765 . His name is Théodore Cornut. Watching the a plenty of handicrafts will be an amusement. Essouira is one of the best direction of surfers because of its unstoppable wind during the year. Essouirra was a home of many civilizations. The portuguese’s architecture is revealed in the historical buildings of the city like the blue doors. “Jewel of the Atlabtic” is what Essouira considered as. Another interesting place you will go to see is where Rgan oil is produced.  Argan oil can be used to eat or as a cosmetic after it is exported to specialized companies. The hard wood of Argan’s tree may be also used to construct houses. In order xtract the kernels, the women’s co-operative of Argan oil, the argan fruit should be dried in the open air and remove the fleshy pulp after that. An already ordered fresh will be your meal for lunch at the fish market. Marrakech will be the destination by the afternoon. Once you arrive there, you will spend the overnight at the riad.


In your 10th and after having breakfast in the early morning, you will travel to the l airport in order to go back home after spending an amazing trip that you may want to try again.

Tour Specifications:

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  • Pick up & drop off at your accommodation
  • Transport in A/C Comfortable Vehicle
  • English speaking driver / Guide
  • Accommodation in Hotels/riads with breakfasts
  • Dinners during the tour as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Camel Trekking in the desert Tours a camel for each person.
  • 1 night at the camp in the middle of the desert.


  • Drinks
  • Lunches
  • Entry Fees for Monuments

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